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"We toady up to you, Almighty Yackerboom"







F'Uglee Mutha has dreamed of working on Earth since he was a little grub.  He has found working at the Pentagon quite easy for an offworld serial killer, and blends right in with those genocide generals.  He tried to train General My-errs to even greater heights of toadyism, but couldn't find a working brain cell.  Collects Barry Manilow records, which he has found effective in driving off the Borg, not to mention his in-laws.  He is very popular with the methane breathing set as he farts a lot.











He's mean, keen, green, and mighty unclean, and he's back again. Grytpipe Thynne Jnr, who's life has been as deep and meaningful as a rock video, has returned from Veltvodel IV, where he stood in for the Great Green Arckelseizure, whilst that deity visited a certain little Crawford ranch, helping to plan World War 7.01.  Our man was not actually born, he was found on stage at the end of a Ted Nugent guitar solo.  There were no witnesses.













Our favourite pinhead, Omi D'Ood'Le, is back and ready to infiltrate those politicians that he was specially bred to look like.  Never having had an original thought in his life, he blends right in.  Loves drinking glorious Lime Beer.  During his absence he studied Advanced Gobbeldeegook, Democratic Dictatorship, and Wanking For Beings With No Hands.  Wants to build a time machine so he can travel back to 1956 and get his manipulatory appendages on Annette Funicello. Denies any connection with the Klueless Klux Klan.









Aliens!  The Board of Management again request that you do NOT go down to Roswell on your days off!  It might just seem a bit of fun to you, but there are already too many Roswell documentaries on the History Channel and we certainly don't need any more!  If we ever find out who posed for those damn autopsy film shots, the responsible party will find him/her/itself directing traffic at the nearest black hole event horizon.







Please, beings, be careful what you are eating.  Some humans are quite fond of their mothers.  By the way, would the alien/s that took New York City, please put it back.  The Americans are starting to notice!











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