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Ferrengi Farts

Rabid Dog
Killer Katt
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Grape Ape
Golden Shower

"Smiteth thou thine foes, oh Glorious Yackerboom"











We welcome Curtis E. Buss to the planet.  Curtis, a fully qualified 'fridge magnet, hails from the planet Pastdue, where homosexuality and owning a Fabian record are compulsory.  At 4 metres tall, he is a little short for his race, but is confident that he will succeed in his mission to infiltrate and take over the Jockey's Federation. Wants to be a platypus when he grows up.














Hello to our favourite Ftmtch, S'Tationary H'Obgect, and welcome back from your holidays.  As head scriptwriter for The Fux Spews Chunder - We Distort, You Deride - you are going to be very busy over the next few months at The News Circus You Can Thrust, what with the truth coming out and even reaching the religious right, and the Chunder's viewing audience dipping into the low tens. Don't forget, keep smiling!

















Don't forget that it is face hugger season again, so start wearing those calamari rings and women's underwear, people!  Don't leave your hive without them!





The Board Of Management requests that you Tusken Raiders out there, curtail your activities.  The cost of Bantha fodder* has gone through the roof!



*Bantha foddoo for you Huttese speakers.















News flash!  You heard it here first!  C3P0 has failed!  Although fluent in over six million forms of communication, he cannot understand what George w Bush is rabbiting on about!  Fortunately for him, but not for us, he is not alone!









Bored? Lonely?  The Whale Shit Collector's Collective are opening their books to new members!  How long can you hold your breath?



Welcome back, Eyeball 'Arry.  Sorry the gig with Lord Sauron bummed out, but we feel better with you back keeping an eye on things.




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